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The sweeping changes announced by George Osborne has opened the door to flexible retirement planning with opportunities to Retirees to take control over their own investment decisions. Property purchase, Overseas Second Homes, Family gifts, Investment portfolios under 100% personal management have all become a reality this flexibility has been denied to retirees since pensions began.

Like many attractive propositions there is a catch!

To find out how we can help you assess your options re the pension regulation changes due to coming into force April 6th 2015, you may wish to refer to the following pages by clicking the links below:

The Pension Change Implication for Holders of Final Salary Pensions

Considering Leaving Your Final Salary Pension?

How We Can Help

After taking your 25% tax free lump sum you will pay tax on the balance. People with Final Salary Schemes are to be denied the option to take advantage of the new Regulations!!

The majority of public service sector employees have a final salary sector. At a time when the government is trying to impose sweeping changes to Public sector pensions many people feel this is a particularly insensitive time to single out one sector of our society.

To find out how this affects you and to discuss your retirement plans call 0844 877 0766.


Our Services Include


Retirement Income
Based Services

  • Final Salary Pension Transfer – How to benefit from pension freedoms enjoyed by private sector workers
  • Pension Tracing Service – How to find pension you’ve lost or didn’t know you had
  • Pension Performance Review – How has your pension performed in comparison to the leading providers?
  • Pension Annuity Review – How to guarantee access to the Best Rates on the market
  • Pension Investment Advice Review – How to build a Portfolio of Funds tailor made to reflect your attitude to Risk
  • Pension Cash Release Advice – How to legally take the maximum cash from your fund


Wealth Protection & Tax Planning Services

    • Wealth Protection Trust Advice – How to place your Assets in a tax free environment for the benefit of you and your dependents
    • Investment Portfolio Advice – How to Maximise growth and minimise Tax Liability
    • Inheritance Tax Review – How to leave your Assets to your family without incurring huge tax liabilities
    • Income and Corporation Tax Advice – How to maximise Net Income with bespoke tax mitigation structures
Macintosh Heywood offers our clients the opportunity to access our panel of Professionals providing solutions tailormade to your personal circumstances. Each individual advisor and companies are legally and professionally qualified to provide advice in their chosen field. The panel includes Chartered Accountants, Independent Financial Advisors, Stock Brokers, Barristers and Law firms.

To find out how we can help you rescue your pension and maximise your retirement income, contact us.